how to fold a suit jacket

How To Fold A Suit Jacket

You urgently need to travel and you need to bring along your favorite suit because you will be wearing it to a certain event that will be happening where you are traveling to.  The problem then comes in packing your favorite suit. The Ironed trousers are no problem and you fold them easily and tuck them in your suitcase. The problem comes with the suit jacket. You don’t know quite how to fold it so that it would be wrinkle free and in good condition when you unpack it to wear it once you reach your destination.

Remember proper folding of a suit jacket is important because it keeps this stylish clothing item from wrinkling especially if you are storing it in a suitcase with limited room. Folding it properly will determine if the suit jacket will be wearable next time. There are various ways of folding a suit jacket the right way and they are as follows.

Top 3 Ways To Fold Your Suit Jacket

  1. Folding Inside out

·         Grab the collar of that suit jacket and pull it back around towards the back of the jacket. You will then notice that the two sleeve holes on your jacket are facing outward.   

·         Begin by folding your jacket in half lengthwise. Fold it so the front and open side of the jacket is facing out and the two shoulders are touching.

·         Next, fold the bottom edge of your suit jacket right up to the middle area. This will be easier to make if your suit is lying on a flat surface.

·         Next, fold the top edge of your jacket right down towards the bottom crease. This is the same crease you made when folding the bottom of the suit jacket towards the middle. With this last step, your suit jacket should be folded in this neat impressive square.

2. Shirt-style Folding

·         Place your suit on a flat surface and have the back of it facing upward.

·         Fold the right sleeve towards the center of your suit jacket and ensure that the seam that runs down on the back of the jacket is lined up with the center of the sleeve.

·         Fold the sleeve on the left toward the center of the jacket and line it up so that it lays directly on the other sleeve you folded. You suit jacket should look like a vertical triangle at this point.

·         Next, you will need to fold your suit jacket in half crosswise. You do this by bringing the bottom edge up to the top edge then turn it over and pack or store it.

3.The Rolling Style

·         Begin by popping the shoulders on your suit jacket inside out. Simply take the front collar and pull back on both sides.  Next push the shoulders on the jacket out so that the sleeve holes remain outside. Remember you only want the shoulders to be inside out and not the sleeves.

·         Next, touch the shoulders together by folding the jacket in half lengthwise. Fold it to allow the back area of the jacket to be covered by the fold and ensure that the front open part of the jacket is facing out.

·         Lay it on a flat surface and keep it folded in half lengthwise, just keep half of the jacket facing up.

·         Roll the top edge of the jacket loosely down to the bottom edge and avoid applying a lot of pressure to it as you are rolling it.  This is to avoid rolling the jacket tightly which could result in wrinkles. When you are done your suit jacket should be loosely rolled up and you can pack it or store it.

Clean and press your  suit travel before travel

The reason you are folding in the first place is highly likely because you are traveling. As much as the above folding techniques will be effective in preventing wrinkles from occurring on your suit jacket, be sure that they will do nothing about the wrinkles and stains that are already present.  This is why you should ensure that your suit jacket is clean and in great shape before you pack it. You could send it to the dry cleaner’s at least a week before you travel. Make sure the stains are removed and the suit jacket has been pressed well.

If you have the time you can always iron the suit yourself. Ensure that the lapels are well pressed and smoothen out any wrinkles anywhere around the suit.

Why You  Turn It Inside out

When folding you turn it inside out so that the fabric on the outside is protected from wrinkles. The lining stays on the outside and in the event that the jacket suit gets wrinkles, they will remain on the inside of the jacket when you are wearing it.

Put it in a plastic bag after folding.

The moment you are done folding it, put it in a plastic bag before putting it in your luggage. Make sure the bag is sealed properly and that it is a sturdy plastic bag. You could also trap a little air within the plastic bag to ensure that your jacket suit remains in a protective bubble that will prevent other clothes within the suitcase from pressing on it and causing wrinkles.

Keep it as flat as possible

When putting it inside your luggage make sure it is as flat as possible in order to prevent any chances of wrinkles happening. You could also place only other flat and folded items on top of the jacket. Never place hard or awkwardly shaped items on top such as shoes because they might cause wrinkles.

There is nothing as satisfying as reaching to your destination, unpacking and finding your suit jacket in great condition and ready to wear. In the end, all the trouble you went through to clean, press and carefully fold will be worth it.  Some things just have to be learned because in most cases if you are always on the move no one will always be there to do it for you unless you are filthy rich and can afford a personal assistant who can attend to you and a stylist to dress you. Since not all of us can, the above folding pointers should do.

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