top 5 male fashion styles for summer

Top 5 Summer Fashion Styles For Men

As a man looking fashionable is important because whoever coined the phrase, “Clothes make the man” had men in mind of course. So, will you allow clothes to make you this summer and transform you into a fashion icon?  It doesn’t matter if you are one of those laidback types or are the kind of go-with-the-flow dresser.  Or maybe you are taking your styling cues from famous fashion icons such as David Beckham or Ryan Gosling. Whatever approach you take in dressing yourself up, consider the following 5 fashion styles to help you rock the best outfits this summer.

Best Summer Fashion Looks For Men

tropical shirts

Tropical Print Shirts

Shirts got a new name, a new look and became more interesting.  The shirts in your wardrobe this summer should be about prints.  You could choose abstract, polka dot and even more interesting go floral. If you are cringing and thinking that menswear designers are developing odd tastes because they are introducing those tropical print shirts think again.  Yes, they are bold, gaudy, they never fit and are usually worn by anyone who wants the whole world to know that they are out having fun and enjoying summer.

 Please do not think that the tropical print shirt is a bad idea, it might not be what you are used to but it is actually cool as it has been proven on the Paris runways that showcased designs of these bold printed shirts to the world.  For you to perfectly rock this tropical printed shirt this summer, consider seeking out the designs that are pared-back color palettes and pair them up with dark tailored chinos or jeans to absolutely nail the look. There is no reason for you not to go totally and utterly tropical even when the weather refuses to play ball and let the sunshine in that summer way.

Vertical Stripes

Now when you think of vertical stripes think a 1920’s millionaire in one of them looking absolutely dashing on a yacht.  The vertical stripes are one of the popular menswear patterns. They have been seen everywhere from TV shows, on global fashion weeks and commonly on the streets. This summer is promising to be one stripe season for men.   When you consider rocking them this summer, consider only the straight and narrow stripes on short sleeved shirts, T-shirts and cuffed joggers.

  You can consider vertical striped pants too but be careful with a top to bottom vertical striped look.  To be on the safe side consider going stripe either on the top area or the bottom area. If you must do a double vertical stripe then make sure you find the best pieces and are confident enough to pull off a stunning look.

Tonal Dressing

Tonal color matching is another trend that will be a staple this summer.  Look for color variations in your outfits and tonal dressing will work beautifully for you. Dress in different colors, consider tonal suiting for that summer wedding for example or go with tonal pastels as you go for that vacation. You have probably been wearing, navy and black all winter long and now that summer is here, let your outfit spell out different colors. If you don’t want to be too colorful, you can stick to tonal pastels because they are toned down color options.

However, you can still experiment with the colors that you are more familiar with such as blue or grey.  If you are shy about wearing bold colors that is the reason why pastel shades exist.  Most important of all remember that you should never wear more than three colors for your overall look lest you appear like an overdone painting. Stick to two or three colors for the outfit you are wearing for the best tonal dressing effect.

Side-stripe Trousers

Back in the 1990s, there were many side-stripe trackies walking the streets.  Today in 2019, the trend is back and it’s another summer staple.  It is no longer a taboo for a fashion-forward man to wear the side-stripe trousers thanks to luxury designers who have popularized them again.

You have the options of wearing them with coordinating tops or go straight-up retro sportswear and the skinny versions which absolutely look cool.  This style of trousers has come at the perfect time where sportswear is widely loved. For you to make your side stripes work amazingly and achieve that sporty spice balance, wear them with trainers or a lovely-looking smart knit or slim-fit shirt. When gotten right, side stripes can make you look like the coolest guy on the streets this summer.


You are probably thinking that checks aren’t back because they never left. It is true that they never left the menswear party but another truth is that they keep getting reinvented. As much as they are still an in thing this summer, you still have to be careful not to wear the wrong type of checks. The wrong type of checks will make you look anything but fashionable. With checks, there is the ‘going out’ shirt for Friday night with the boys or one of those short-sleeved weekend wonders. You also have the advantage of choosing your size, style, and color that suits you best.

To make checks work for you, consider larger or more complex motifs. In that case think heritage or windowpane on outerwear, knitwear, and trousers. Never wear checked from top to bottom because you risk giving others who look at you a bombardment of squares. Just ensure that the rest of your outfit is toned down if you are rocking a checked shirt.

With good planning, you can rock this summer with a new wardrobe in case none of the above are available in your closet. Shop wisely for your clothes and make sure you consider only pieces that fit perfectly. Avoid any pieces that put you at a disadvantage, look only for outfits that accentuate your best features. Choose colors that compliment your hair, skin tone and eyes.  Most important of all, wear all your clothes with a lot of confidence this summer for the best effect.

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