Helpful for My Aging Father

I bought a pair of light up shoes for my elderly father after he was diagnosed with Type II diabetes and the doctor told him it was imperative that he get off the couch and start exercising. My Dad has spent the last ten years sitting around watching television and generally not engaging in any sort of physical activity. We warned him that he wasn’t young anymore and that not staying active could have dire health consequences, but he didn’t listen or didn’t care. Now he’s got a disease that could cause all sorts of horrific health consequences and even he knows he has to get out and move around.

I didn’t go over and make sure he was doing his walking thing the right way. I only accidentally came over one day and saw him walking down the middle of the street with cars blowing by him. I couldn’t believe he hadn’t been hit by a careless driver. Moreover, he was walking at dusk when it’s difficult for drivers to see people in the street. I knew something had to be done since getting him to walk on the sidewalk only worked if I came over and walked with him. My wife suggested the light up shoes.

I didn’t know they had such a thing until I looked online for them. They’re pretty neat in that they have a row of very bright lights that encircle the entire shoe. We looked at them in a dark room and were quite surprised how they lit up. I took the shoes over to Dad and he made noises about wearing them and how he would look ridiculous until I insisted. He went out around the block at night and I could see him a block away. I think I might have saved his life with this purchase.