Fashion School Tips to Make Yourself Irresistible

In terms of nerves, the first date is right up there with job interviews, tax audits and meeting the in-laws (if you’re lucky enough to get to that point). It’s bad enough that you’re wondering if this person will turn out to be the love of your life or an axe murderer, the last thing you want to worry about is how you look. Here are ten tips from fashion school experts for putting together an outfit that will make you simply irresistible.

1. Dress appropriately for the occasion. You’ll be more confident in what you’re wearing if you find out where you’re going and what you’re doing. You don’t want to dress too casually if you’re going to a fancy restaurant. And you would look uncomfortably out of place if you were wearing a slinky dress and high heels to a hockey game. They key is to fit in with the crowd, while still showing off your personal style.

2. Strike a balance. The look you’re going for is flirty, rather than flamboyant. Casual without being frumpy. And sophisticated, but still fun. You want to look like you put some effort into the outfit, but didn’t spend all day and every dollar on it You want the guy to get to know you, not be distracted by what you’re wearing (or not wearing). Just use your common sense, and relax: it’s just a date. Really.

3. Think separates. Be ready for anything by making your outfit more adaptable. Wear a smart blazer over a bustier top for a dressier venue, but remove it later in the evening if you’re hitting a club. Likewise, a chunky cardigan over a dress would be perfect for a casual coffee date, but if you decide to go to dinner afterwards, you can take off the sweater to reveal the chic dress underneath.

4. Show your colors. As tempting as it may be to put on the dependable Little Black Dress, try adding some romantic colors to your wardrobe. Fashion design experts and color psychologists believe that shades of red stimulate a faster heartbeat and breathing, so your date’s heart will go pitter patter. If you don’t want to come on so strong, hues such as pink, apricot and peach are more tranquil, but they still attract people to you because they mimic your skin tone when you blush.

5. Accentuate your best feature. You probably have at least one physical feature people are always complimenting you on, be it your legs, your eyes, your shoulders, or your smile. Show it off, without revealing too much. And notice we said “best feature” in singular. If you’re wearing a skirt that displays your legs to perfection, don’t wear a top with a plunging neckline, too.

6. Capture your personality. What do you want your clothes to say about you? If your vibe is rock and roll, go for the jeans and leather jacket. If your hobby is flea market shopping, show off your vintage frocks. The key is to be true to yourself, and not try to be someone you’re not.

7. Keep it simple. Although you want to show your personality, you do want to keep it understated. This date is supposed to be about the two of you, not your outfit. Don’t let what you’re wearing call too much attention to itself. You also want to stay away from flashy fashion design labels; you don’t want to come across as high maintenance.

8. Sport a conversation piece. Think of this is as your emergency button. At some point in your date, the conversation may start to lag. By including in your ensemble an accessory that has special meaning to you, or has a story around it, you’ll always have something to talk about. Perhaps it’s a piece of jewelry that you made, or a handbag that you found on vacation.

9. Stay comfortable. First dates are uncomfortable enough. You don’t want your clothes to be uncomfortable, too. Wear clothes that you feel good in and that fit well, so you’re not constantly adjusting or fidgeting. Also, there’s a good chance that in the course of the evening, you will be doing a lot of walking, getting in and out of a car, and maybe even running to make a reservation or show time. Make sure your shoes are comfortable, and that your pants or dress aren’t so tight that you can’t move in them.

10. Use the element of surprise. Say he greets you at the door and likes what he sees. (And he’d be insane not to.) Seal the deal by revealing a surprising fashion design element, like a scooped back he didn’t see coming from the demure front. It could be enough to turn him into pudding.

Of course, the most important thing to wear is confidence and a smile. Because even if the date doesn’t lead to a long-term romance, when you feel confident and good about yourself, you’ll still live happily ever after.

Style Tips for Festival Season

fs.1.10Many people love this part of the summer mainly because the fashion is epic! It’s a chance for people to completely experiment with their wardrobe. All things feather, glitter, suede and denim come out to play. There are no rules with festival fashion which obviously has its pro’s and cons. You don’t have to love everyone’s festival look but do respect it.

My favourite thing about this season is that you do not necessarily have to buy new bits to get your outfits together. Start by getting all your summer clothes together and working out if you have the key pieces such as jean shorts and t-shirts. Printed t-shirts, tie-dye, crochet crops all are welcome and get creative with what you decide to pair them with. Dig out all your statement jewellery. Chunky necklaces, oversized rings and feathered accessories are all perfect. Use this as opportunity to play dress up and create outfits that you may not usually be able to wear in your everyday life.

2015 has brought back a lot of 70’s fashion influence so don’t run away screaming, embrace it and get funky. Patterned blouses, fringe detailing and round lensed sunglasses are a huge win. If you’re lucky enough to be festivalling somewhere hot and exotic then you will not need to worry about jackets and outerwear however, if you’re staying in the U.K then jackets and waterproofs may need to be considered in your out-fit planning. Suede tassle detailed jackets are the IT thing this season but not massively practical, if you do get stuck in a downpour then the good ol’ trusty waterproof jacket is what you’ll be needing. have some cute ones available so be sure to check them out.

In terms of festival make-up, browns, nudes and dark shades are all super popular at the moment. So Kylie Jenner’s brown nude lips with a simple shadow, nothing to heavy are perfect. Even dark purple’s and burgundy red lips are amazing but do make your look a little more sexy so be weary when getting your look together that its appropriate for your age.

So don’t panic if you haven’t prepared your festival looks yet, once you’ve check out your current wardrobe I’m sure there will be pieces that you already that you’ll be able to work with. If not, a lot of websites provide next day delivery so you’ll be prepped and ready without the hassle of having to go into the shops. Lastly, when enjoying yourselves at festivals this summer be happy, feel blessed and always look after each other! Peace and Love.

Valentine s Day Styling Tips

Maybe you’re dating, have a long-term relationship or are married for some years, no matter what circumstances, on Valentine’s Day you want to feel the most loved person in the world.

But as you see your man’s head spinning to make the very best out of this day you should not underestimate your part. Women should look sensual and sexy but yet not too revealing. Every woman wants to impress their dates. Your part is to make sure to turn your man’s fantasy on while having a romantic candle light dinner.

Here are 5 effective make-over tips to enhance your look and become your man’s ultimate Valentine’s sweetheart:

Avoid pants. Wear a dress or skirt. No matter what body type you are, every woman will feel automatically feminine and coquettish by putting on a skirt or a dress. If you are tall and slim or short and curvy it is perfectly okay to wear skirts. Don’t listen to old fashion gurus that tell you otherwise. One rule to remember: The shorter the skirt the taller you may look. But if you feel uncomfortable with showing off your legs stay with a length just above your knees.

Be careful with colors and prints. Red is the color of love, but not for your dress. There are only a handful of women that can wear red and then only a certain shades of red. If you’re curvy and short, choose dark and solid colors. The Rule of thumb is that patterns make you look boxier. But when wearing prints, make sure they are little because the bigger the print the shorter you appear. Never combine a printed skirt with a solid colored top or vice versa. Taller women should dress in a combination of lighter colors. A great look is a light colored top with a darker skirt. If you choose a solid colored dress make sure you break it up with a big belt.

Shoes can make or break your appearance. Ballerina flats are a big NO for Valentine’s Day unless you have reason to be concerned that you are taller than your sweetheart. In that case choose ballerinas or sandals with straps, feminine patterns, or enhance them with a bit of bling. My favorites are ankle straps. They are very sexy and can be worn no matter what. Thankfully today’s fashion offers a variety of shoes that women can wear whether they are tall, short, have sexy feet or not. The peep-toe is one of those shoes. If you don’t want to show off your toes consider putting on stockings or choosing a platform or a kitten-heel.

Boots are sexy. There is no doubt about it. If you want to be your man’s fantasy, wear a hot boot with heel. The advantage for shorter women is that they will appear taller. Choose a sexy Go-Go boot which is available in several colors. If you are concerned that your calves are too thick for the shaft try an ankle boot instead. Mark my words, you put on a sexy pair of boots your Valentine will gladly help you take them off later.

Surprise him with playful accessories. As much as Valentine’s Day is about love and seduction don’t forget the fun of it. Dress in fishnets, they are a more playful choice. Have a clutch handbag with a tiny mirror inside. There is nothing more sensual for a man than to observe you putting on your lipstick. Buy a washable tattoo or have your girlfriend paint one on and dedicate it to your sweetheart.

Lingerie makes you feel good. The first and foremost reason to wear lingerie on Valentine’s Day is to make you feel sexy and confident. If you want to hide your mid section go with a chemise, baby doll or mini dress made out of mesh. This provides that your top clothing does not ruffle up. If your weak part is the belly section try a one-piece or a boy-shorts-set. This will keep your curves and at the same time stretches out your mid section.

Remember: Knowing that you’re wearing the most seductive undergarments will affect your body language and make you naturally more flirtatious.

Sarah Wallner is Hollywood’s most thought after wardrobe stylists in the fashionable-sexy industry. Her forte is How to Look Good, Dressed in Little. She works with celebrities, renowned models and photographers for various high profile magazines like. GUESS, Miller Light, Playboy, Crown Royal and movie makers (National Lampoon’s Blackball) are just a handfull of her clients, to name a few.

10 years ago Sarah Wallner founded to pass on her knowledge on sexy fashion. Today her webshop is one of the leading shopping destinations on the intenet for sexy Lingerie, Legwear, Swimwear, Clubwear, Shoes and Asseccories.

Style Tips How To Wear Prints And Bright Colours

Here you’ll find four of the latest fashion trends an a stylists advice on how to best wear them.

Trend: Coloured Prints

We love a good print because the print is very camouflaging. So it can hide any lumps and bumps that might be going on. If you find a piece with a little tiny bit of gathering it will also hide any sort of muffin top and let’s face it ladies, most of us have a muffin top. So don’t be shy about that. Add a small belt. I would advise to just belting it high on the waist so that you’re really showing off the shape and the body. And then just to finish the look, we’ll finish off with a little bit of pearls, because who doesn’t love pearls?

Trend: Animal Prints

Animal print never goes out of fashion, you’ll always going to see animal print somewhere, somehow and this season you will find some animal dresses done in a really classy, sophisticated way. Then pair it with a lovely but simple bag. And just to liven up the bag little bit, we’ve actually just clipped on some fresh flowers from the florist, so a really simple addition to dress up a bag.

Trend: Coloured Denim

It’s such a big trend this season to have the coloured denim or the coloured pants, so that’s something you can invest in to just keep your wardrobe looking updated. You can easily combine it with the nautical look which is also very in this season. Add a small bad: Bags are getting smaller this season, so the ladies are going have to work out how not to carry the full kitchen sink. Then add a little scarf just to finish the look off. I think it’s nice to have a little bit of an accessory so that you don’t just leave home with a t-shirt and a pair of pants, we can really make it look quite cute with just a simple accessory like a scarf.

Trend: Mad Men Style

You can combine a really cute little stripped t-shirt with a gorgeous fifties inspired skirt and as we all know, this whole mad man fashion is really on trend at the moment. We then want to give it a little bit more of a tailored look, so you could take it into the office, that is why we add this gorgeous electric blue jacket. It’s a cute cropped jacket and I’ll actually go a bit wild and match that back with an orange instead of matching blue accessories. It’s a lot nicer when you actually do that with a contrasting pop colour like the blue. So, an unexpected colour combination but it works, it works.

You don’t always need a personal stylist to freshen up your wardrobe, you can simply do some online research or watch some YouTube videos to catch up on the latest trends.

Style Tips How to Wear Leggings

Modern Leggings have become a fashion staple, populating trends from both the runway and the streets. And it’s no wonder! Leggings are the ultimate combination between comfort and style, and are constantly evolving as designers continue to look for ways to reinterpret them. From metallics to lace to denim looks, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the options available. Here are the basics on how to wear leggings.

  • Lengthy tops are best with leggings. For shorter tops, consider a skirt or shorts over the leggings. Either way, your behind should not be showing!
  • Avoid tight clothing because it may look too severe and, in some cases, you could be mistaken as being in the middle of a workout when you’re actually not.
  • Be sure to buy the correct size or you may risk unwanted bulges! Ideally, they should fit comfortably at the waist.
  • Look for opaque tights rather than sheer ones, as the latter can look like pantyhose instead.
  • When choosing colours or styles, match them accordingly to the rest of your outfit. For example, if your top is colourful or beautifully embellished, compliment them with simple black leggings. For subtler tops, experiment with bold colours or exciting designs.
  • Pumps, flats, and boots (whether of the thigh-high or the ankle kind) are the perfect footwear to complete your look. Pair calf-length leggings with flats and for longer leggings, wear them with pumps or tuck them into boots.
  • Matching the colour of your leggings with your shoes can also make your legs look longer. Likewise, too many colours will divide your leg and make you seem shorter.

Moving From Being a Good Writer to a Freelance Writer

So you’ve decided to make the leap. You’re going to become a freelance writer. You’ve decided. You’re committed. The decision is made. You’re doing it.

Now all you have to do is be successful.

Here are 3 tips that will help you to be successful as a freelance writer.

1. Develop multiple writing styles and voices.

This sounds counter intuitive but there is a reason for it. Depending on the niche you’ve chosen to focus on, your voice may be what gets you work. By developing a single distinctive voice you will attract clients that want that voice. Unfortunately, most clients aren’t that sophisticated. You will always have customers and niches that want something different. By developing several styles and voices you give yourself a level of flexibility that allows you to accept work where your chosen voice isn’t the preference. This just might be the ticket to help keep the wolf from the door when your style and voice are out of fashion.

2. Develop triggers for each of your styles and voices.

It doesn’t do any good having multiple writing styles and voices if you have to write a long piece before you switch. You need to develop the ability to write formally one minute. And then switch to your own inimitable informal style immediately after. The easiest way to do this is with a trigger. A sentence or paragraph that will act to turn on a particular style in your writing. Want a formal piece? Select the formal trigger and use it to force your writing style to be acceptable. Want a laid-back conversation? Hey, grab your trigger and relax. You’ll be chattin’ with an old friend in seconds. No sweat!

3. Schedule practice time.

One of the joys of writing to spec is that it has a habit of creating really, really, really bad habits. Habits that you really don’t want taking over your writing. Especially if you have multiple styles to maintain. The easiest way to avoid this is to schedule some exercise time. A short period where you write in order to maintain the quality of your writing. Or to allow you to continue having multiple styles. Sometimes you are going to have a string of one particular type of writing — technical is bad for this. And without a chance to write using your voice, you take the chance of losing it. And vice versa.

Summer Fashion To p Tips to Remain Cool and Stylish

The summers can be really tough on people who like to look fashionable and attractive at all times. You’ll find it really hard to stay cool and composed during the summers unless you are dressed right. In fact, many people dress very casually during the summers and therefore they do not have the appropriate look for anything but informal occasions. However, all you have to do is keep a few things in mind when dressing for this season; you will look and feel fresh and cool with the following tips:

1. Choose high quality fabrics made of natural materials. Cotton, linen, and silk are great fabrics to wear during warm days because they are breathable and light. Since these fabrics tend to wrinkle easily, you should also consider buying blends. Popular cotton options are seersucker and Madras.

2. Wear loose fitting clothes in order to benefit from a flow of air inside them. In fact, you should avoid wearing tight clothes because they will make you feel uncomfortable and breathless in extreme heat. Well tailored yet loose fitting clothes will also look very attractive. Do not buy extremely baggy clothes that will make you look shapeless and bulky. Another good way of wearing loose fitting clothes is to pair them with slim fit skirts, jeans or trousers for a well put together look.

3. Wear clothes in light colors that do not absorb the rays of the sun. There are many lovely light and bright colors such as coral, peach and lemon yellow which will make you look very attractive.

4. Wear sleeveless and short clothes as much as possible. Since shorts are perfect for this weather you should pick up a well-tailored pair that does not look sloppy. Keep in mind that short shorts will not be appropriate for many occasions and situations. In fact, you can dress them up with a very good shirt or tunic and a nice pair of strappy sandals or wedges. You could also keep a lightweight jacket or a cardigan handy in case you need to cover up when you do indoors.

5. Do not overload yourself with jewelry because they too will make you feel uncomfortable in the heat.

There are plenty of attractive clothes available during the summer since many brands offer lines designed for this season. If you know how to shop well then you will definitely be able to step out in style when the mercury rises.

Emo Hair Styling Tips

Going asymmetrical (short on one side and long on the other) is yet another way to go Emo with your hair, but the spiky/jagged ends look is just as popular with youngsters. To keep the spiky look, generous use of gel on wet hair followed by hairspray (for holding the style) is called for – and voila! There’s a whole new you – with just a bit of experimenting.

For a fashionable yet unfussy Emo hairstyle, you can opt for a lift at the crown and get your hair swept up and back, pinned to the side and leave stray strands to fall like a curtain. You can complete this asymmetrical look by letting one side of your hair be styled pointy and the other left straight and free falling.

Instead of adding bangs, you can also opt for streaking your hair or simply enhancing their color with a few highlights strategically divided between fringes or main cap of your hairstyle.

Choosing a wide range of dark to lighter shades or the other way round is a neat tip given by salon experts for people who are looking to go the Emo way. They suggest deep reds, blues and purples for highlights, a trendy styling technique or similar deep colors that allow the base coat to show through, especially if you are deciding between shaggy, uneven Emo style to your hair or keeping your natural hair-color and only adding dark tints to the smooth, ironed out Emo look.

To make your hair more pliable and set it according to Emo trends of your choice, dry shampoos available at the local chemist are a cheap and cheerful bet. So, get creative and express yourself with Emo hairstyles to fit every mood out there – all it requires is a little imagination and a dollop of attitude. (Oh yes, did we mention the hairspray?)

Deepanjolie is a Post graduate in English Literature with over 8 years experience in writing for the web and print media. She specializes in creating original content, promotional SEO articles and features for various clients across the globe to help enhance their business presence online, connecting them with their target audience.

Style Tips for Women How to Dress Professionally in Spring

Spring is a difficult time to dress as the weather tends to be spitefully temperamental. You’re warm one moment and cold the next that can leave you looking bedraggled and unprofessional. Come spring time, layering is key to personal comfort and retaining your business appropriate appearance. Instead of just throwing together a last-minute mismatched combo, spend a few hours at the weekend going through your wardrobe to see what can be worn together and whether it might be time to invest in a few new pieces for spring.

What to Wear

Particularly if you work in a client facing role, you need to be careful not to achieve a frumpy look through layering. It’s all too easily done – you throw on a polo neck, a vest and a cardigan and you’re good to go. Or so you think…

Hidden layers can save you from looking like your great-aunt Betty. If you’re going to wear a dress, throw on a singlet top or a T-shirt underneath it. It can even be a thermal but, remember, you might get too warm indoors. If you do get too cosy throughout the day, nip into the toilets and take your bottom layer off.

Be smart in selecting a cardigan or a jumper. If it looks a tad chilly outside, choose a piece in cashmere or thicker jersey material instead of a light poly-cotton blend.

If it seems like you’re in for a chilly walk to work, wear your winter coat instead of your flimsy spring trench as you can always leave it in the cloak room. That way you won’t have problems with wearing too many layers indoors.

Wear thin tights if you’re going for a dress or a skirt but keep a thicker pair in your desk or bag for days when it suddenly gets colder.

What to Buy This Spring

Sharp tailoring has been a popular trend in recent years and looks set to stay on the scene with many New York Fashion Week 2012 designers showcasing their Autumn/Winter masterpieces. Edgy fabrics are definitely in. Textures, different levels of shine, metal thread and vibrant colours are all big.

Invest in a sturdy pair of tailored trousers or a tight-fitting pencil skirt. Both are figure-hugging but flattering wardrobe staples. Their versatility is apparent as you can pair them with low-cut tops in satin or cashmere polo necks, conservative jersey tops or classic, buttoned work blouses and they’ll all look great. Accessorise liberally too, according to the occasion.

For formal events like conferences or client meetings, top the look off with a smart, tailored jacket with lapels or a high collar.

High street shops are brimming with womens tailored jackets following the key trends defined by the fashion world’s biggest players.

Harvey McEwan writes to offer information and advice on a variety of areas, from technology to holiday destinations. Read through Harvey’s other articles here to find out more.

To p Business Style Tips for Men

Women often say, “Men have it easy. They don’t have to think about what to wear. They put on a dark suit and they’re set.”

The men I work with would disagree. Like women, they struggle with what to wear. So these tips are dedicated to helping men make stylish choices, from head to toe.

If you haven’t bought a new suit in the past 3-5 years, do it now. Suits have changed. Jackets are slimmer and shorter, lapels are narrower, and trousers have flat fronts. So, if you’re still wearing trousers with pleats, it’s time to retire them. Think Don Draper not Gordon Gekko (the original, but without the suspenders).

Don’t date yourself by the width of your tie! Not only are suits slimmer but so are ties. The average tie these days is 7 to 9 cm (2 ½ to 3 ½ in) wide.

Colourful shirts and ties extend your wardrobe. You’ll give that dark suit a totally new look and it’s a great way to set yourself apart from all the other suits.

Footwear that’s scuffed, cracked, turned up at the toe or down at the heel says you don’t care. Buy new shoes. And yes, you need more than one pair. Like us, shoes work hard and need to rest. Think outside “the black shoe”. If you wear navy or grey, brown shoes give you an updated and stylish look.

A pocket square is a wonderful finishing touch. It can be as simple as a crisply ironed white handkerchief or a soft silk square in colours that complement, not match, your shirt and tie.

Make sure your wardrobe includes a black or navy blazer–one that’s up to date, not the one you got in high school for the prom. A blazer is indispensable. It can be worn with jeans and a dress shirt for evenings out, with dress pants and a dress shirt for business casual Friday at the office, or over your golf clothes when that important client shows up at the office as you’re about to head to the golf course. Consider having two–one to keep at home and the other at the office for emergencies.

If you’re still wearing the aviator frames you bought after you saw Top Gun, then it’s time for a change. Think what’s happened to Tom Cruise’s career since then. Today’s frames are primarily plastic, not metal and often coloured, tortoiseshell, red, blue or a combination. Shapes are rectangular, even horn rims like Buddy Holly. Other choices include retro styles like Ray Bans and Mr. Moto’s round frames. If you’re not sure, check out the Turner Classic Movie channel for inspiration.

“If you are not in fashion, you are nobody.”Lord Chesterfield

Anne Sowden, Certified Professional Member of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), helps people define the perfect image to reflect their authenticity in body and spirit. By assessing their wardrobes, taking them shopping, reviewing business and social etiquette, Anne helps clients build confidence and discover their true identity.