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Composition of the Sterling Silver Jewelry Sterling Silver accessories are some of the bestselling jewelry on the market today. This name Sterling was used in the earliest years. The word by that time meant a little star which was spelled as steorling. Sterling silver began to gain popularity in the 1950’s and it still stands strong in the art sector. If you feel like, you can still call silver standard. It has an alloy of other metals with the central being silver. The other metals are at 7.5% to increase the durability and hardness of the end product. Most of the alloy is the copper metal. Coming at 92.5%, silver is the main component that is used in making the sterling silver jewelry. When silver is mixed with gold the accessory made is the one known as the “gold over sterling” jewelry. Most of the sterling silver jewelry has the same look of platinum or white gold but at a portion of the price. It looks gargantuan, and it’s even compared with the allure of the moon. This is why the sterling jewelry has gained enough audience in the fine industry of jewelry. Some prominent stylists use the sterling silver metal to make some astounding fixtures. designers are scooping some real cash with their inventiveness in creating some versatile accessories for women or interested clients.
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Even though the standard silver jewelry is hardened with copper for permanence, proper care should be given for the metal to keep its appealing look. Silver can easily stain if not handled well. Silver is known to lose its color once it mixes with sulfur. If however, your jewelry has discolored, there are maintenance steps that you can take. You can use a recommended polish to clean the sterling silver jewelry. Keep your jewelry from scratching, discoloration and prevent it from damage. Do not let it get in contact with household chemicals and always store it separately in a punnet. Do not keep your jewelry in the water as a way of maintenance.
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Your sterling silver jewelry gives no risk of harming your body. No negative reactions can it cause on your body. In preference, you can go for the handmade rather than the machine made jewelry. Manual making of the jewelry produces the best and most attractive accessory when compared to the jewelry made using a machine. It is hence more expensive as compared to non-manual made jewelry. Each craftsman has a unique style in creating the jewelry, and thus uniqueness in designs and styles is achieved.