Style Tips How To Wear Prints And Bright Colours

Here you’ll find four of the latest fashion trends an a stylists advice on how to best wear them.

Trend: Coloured Prints

We love a good print because the print is very camouflaging. So it can hide any lumps and bumps that might be going on. If you find a piece with a little tiny bit of gathering it will also hide any sort of muffin top and let’s face it ladies, most of us have a muffin top. So don’t be shy about that. Add a small belt. I would advise to just belting it high on the waist so that you’re really showing off the shape and the body. And then just to finish the look, we’ll finish off with a little bit of pearls, because who doesn’t love pearls?

Trend: Animal Prints

Animal print never goes out of fashion, you’ll always going to see animal print somewhere, somehow and this season you will find some animal dresses done in a really classy, sophisticated way. Then pair it with a lovely but simple bag. And just to liven up the bag little bit, we’ve actually just clipped on some fresh flowers from the florist, so a really simple addition to dress up a bag.

Trend: Coloured Denim

It’s such a big trend this season to have the coloured denim or the coloured pants, so that’s something you can invest in to just keep your wardrobe looking updated. You can easily combine it with the nautical look which is also very in this season. Add a small bad: Bags are getting smaller this season, so the ladies are going have to work out how not to carry the full kitchen sink. Then add a little scarf just to finish the look off. I think it’s nice to have a little bit of an accessory so that you don’t just leave home with a t-shirt and a pair of pants, we can really make it look quite cute with just a simple accessory like a scarf.

Trend: Mad Men Style

You can combine a really cute little stripped t-shirt with a gorgeous fifties inspired skirt and as we all know, this whole mad man fashion is really on trend at the moment. We then want to give it a little bit more of a tailored look, so you could take it into the office, that is why we add this gorgeous electric blue jacket. It’s a cute cropped jacket and I’ll actually go a bit wild and match that back with an orange instead of matching blue accessories. It’s a lot nicer when you actually do that with a contrasting pop colour like the blue. So, an unexpected colour combination but it works, it works.

You don’t always need a personal stylist to freshen up your wardrobe, you can simply do some online research or watch some YouTube videos to catch up on the latest trends.

Style Tips How to Wear Leggings

Modern Leggings have become a fashion staple, populating trends from both the runway and the streets. And it’s no wonder! Leggings are the ultimate combination between comfort and style, and are constantly evolving as designers continue to look for ways to reinterpret them. From metallics to lace to denim looks, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the options available. Here are the basics on how to wear leggings.

  • Lengthy tops are best with leggings. For shorter tops, consider a skirt or shorts over the leggings. Either way, your behind should not be showing!
  • Avoid tight clothing because it may look too severe and, in some cases, you could be mistaken as being in the middle of a workout when you’re actually not.
  • Be sure to buy the correct size or you may risk unwanted bulges! Ideally, they should fit comfortably at the waist.
  • Look for opaque tights rather than sheer ones, as the latter can look like pantyhose instead.
  • When choosing colours or styles, match them accordingly to the rest of your outfit. For example, if your top is colourful or beautifully embellished, compliment them with simple black leggings. For subtler tops, experiment with bold colours or exciting designs.
  • Pumps, flats, and boots (whether of the thigh-high or the ankle kind) are the perfect footwear to complete your look. Pair calf-length leggings with flats and for longer leggings, wear them with pumps or tuck them into boots.
  • Matching the colour of your leggings with your shoes can also make your legs look longer. Likewise, too many colours will divide your leg and make you seem shorter.

Moving From Being a Good Writer to a Freelance Writer

So you’ve decided to make the leap. You’re going to become a freelance writer. You’ve decided. You’re committed. The decision is made. You’re doing it.

Now all you have to do is be successful.

Here are 3 tips that will help you to be successful as a freelance writer.

1. Develop multiple writing styles and voices.

This sounds counter intuitive but there is a reason for it. Depending on the niche you’ve chosen to focus on, your voice may be what gets you work. By developing a single distinctive voice you will attract clients that want that voice. Unfortunately, most clients aren’t that sophisticated. You will always have customers and niches that want something different. By developing several styles and voices you give yourself a level of flexibility that allows you to accept work where your chosen voice isn’t the preference. This just might be the ticket to help keep the wolf from the door when your style and voice are out of fashion.

2. Develop triggers for each of your styles and voices.

It doesn’t do any good having multiple writing styles and voices if you have to write a long piece before you switch. You need to develop the ability to write formally one minute. And then switch to your own inimitable informal style immediately after. The easiest way to do this is with a trigger. A sentence or paragraph that will act to turn on a particular style in your writing. Want a formal piece? Select the formal trigger and use it to force your writing style to be acceptable. Want a laid-back conversation? Hey, grab your trigger and relax. You’ll be chattin’ with an old friend in seconds. No sweat!

3. Schedule practice time.

One of the joys of writing to spec is that it has a habit of creating really, really, really bad habits. Habits that you really don’t want taking over your writing. Especially if you have multiple styles to maintain. The easiest way to avoid this is to schedule some exercise time. A short period where you write in order to maintain the quality of your writing. Or to allow you to continue having multiple styles. Sometimes you are going to have a string of one particular type of writing — technical is bad for this. And without a chance to write using your voice, you take the chance of losing it. And vice versa.

Summer Fashion To p Tips to Remain Cool and Stylish

The summers can be really tough on people who like to look fashionable and attractive at all times. You’ll find it really hard to stay cool and composed during the summers unless you are dressed right. In fact, many people dress very casually during the summers and therefore they do not have the appropriate look for anything but informal occasions. However, all you have to do is keep a few things in mind when dressing for this season; you will look and feel fresh and cool with the following tips:

1. Choose high quality fabrics made of natural materials. Cotton, linen, and silk are great fabrics to wear during warm days because they are breathable and light. Since these fabrics tend to wrinkle easily, you should also consider buying blends. Popular cotton options are seersucker and Madras.

2. Wear loose fitting clothes in order to benefit from a flow of air inside them. In fact, you should avoid wearing tight clothes because they will make you feel uncomfortable and breathless in extreme heat. Well tailored yet loose fitting clothes will also look very attractive. Do not buy extremely baggy clothes that will make you look shapeless and bulky. Another good way of wearing loose fitting clothes is to pair them with slim fit skirts, jeans or trousers for a well put together look.

3. Wear clothes in light colors that do not absorb the rays of the sun. There are many lovely light and bright colors such as coral, peach and lemon yellow which will make you look very attractive.

4. Wear sleeveless and short clothes as much as possible. Since shorts are perfect for this weather you should pick up a well-tailored pair that does not look sloppy. Keep in mind that short shorts will not be appropriate for many occasions and situations. In fact, you can dress them up with a very good shirt or tunic and a nice pair of strappy sandals or wedges. You could also keep a lightweight jacket or a cardigan handy in case you need to cover up when you do indoors.

5. Do not overload yourself with jewelry because they too will make you feel uncomfortable in the heat.

There are plenty of attractive clothes available during the summer since many brands offer lines designed for this season. If you know how to shop well then you will definitely be able to step out in style when the mercury rises.